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Harmony of Nature And City

Hi everyone. Today I will not introduce a tree house to you. Because this is a building. In Germany, Luciano Pia’s “25 Verde” project in Turin manages to combine the advantages of the city and the country. As an urban lifestyle, it enriches the old industrial area with its green facade and roof. At the same time, trees up to eight meters in height improve the microclimate in the building and the neighborhood. 

Of course, this building is visually stunning. But just because it’s made of wood doesn’t mean it’s not solid. Because on the lower foundation, huge steel blocks support the building. The building consists of 63 flats. All residential units are equipped with a large balcony or roof terrace. The building, which has a gross floor area of ​​7,500 m2, also has 1,500 m2 inner courtyard and 1,200 m2 roof garden. The project not only promotes a good urban climate but also has an optical benefit.

The urban treehouse is currently considered a luxury property. This can be seen above all in the price. An apartment of 110 square meters is currently being offered for around 600 thousand euros. This project definitely does not fall into the social housing category. Maintenance costs are too high for this. Yet it is an important example of green architecture in urban areas. It shows how sustainable building can be applied in densely populated areas.For more information please see here.

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